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6 Famous Flavorful Sweet Soup Dishes in Vietnam to Try

Vietnamese Che, also called Sweet Soup, is a dessert loved by many people. The sweet, cool taste of Che, along with many different flavors, will blow away the hot and humid weather in Vietnam.

Wherever you are, don’t miss the 6 most delicious Che Vietnamese desserts below. These sweet soups are sure to make you swoon all day.

Lotus seed sweet soup (Che Hat Sen)

lotus sweet soup
Lotus Sweet Soup. @yurinailsdn

Lotus seed sweet soup has a sweet taste, natural character, has the effect of curing several diseases, such as diarrhea, poor appetite, insomnia, slow digestion, thirst due to fever…

Lotus seeds are rich in protein, magnesium, potassium, and phosphate content while the content of saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol is very low. So, it is very suitable for people with dietary restrictions.

Since ancient times, lotus seeds were used to prepare dishes in the imperial palace in Hue City, and lotus tea is also ranked in the list of the tastiest sweet soup dishes in Vietnam.

Lotus seed sweet soup cooked with rock sugar is a simple dish, not too elaborate. The processing is quite easy, just boil the lotus seeds very soft, cook the alum sugar, then add the lotus seeds to cook together. Then, lotus seed sweet soup is not only cool but also very nutritious, ready for you to taste.

>>> You may to check one of the famous Pho restaurants in Vietnam to try this typical food.

Floating ball sweet soup (Che Troi Nuoc)

floating ball sweet soup
Floating ball sweet soup. @hoangvan0409

Floating ball sweet soup is one of the most delicious Che in Vietnam, often cooked in the middle of the new year, the full moon days of offering vegetarian food at temples.

Che Troi Nuoc is modified with various ingredients that are both delicious and have very beautiful colors, such as green floating balls, purple sweet potato floating balls… But the most popular and still loved is traditional floating-ball sweet soup, made with sticky rice with mung beans inside.

Cleverly wrapped the filling of mung beans in the cake shell and rounded boiled water and dropped in. Then, cook it until soft.

Floating-ball sweet soup is often eaten in sugar water with ginger, both fragrant and greasy.

Nowadays, Che Troi Nuoc is present on the streets and has become a popular dessert in Vietnam.

Traveling to Hanoi, you will meet some famous floating-ball sweet soup shops in Hang Can street, Hang Giay street, Hang Dieu street… Each bowl costs about 15,000 VND.

Thai Sweet Soup (Che Thai)

thai sweet soup
Thai Sweet Soup. @tamkul97

Sweet and creamy Thai Sweet Soup is one of the most delicious dishes in Vietnam, suitable to taste on hot summer days.

Instead of going out in hot weather to enjoy this dish, you can also make your own Thai coconut milk sweet soup at home with a simple cooking process.

Thai sweet soup consists of simple ingredients, so many people can prepare it, such as crispy pomegranate jelly, young coconut jelly, clear coconut jelly, tiny tapioca balls combined with fragrant green long pandan leaves, and other fruits (jack fruit, longan, mango, durian..), and then covered with white coconut milk, creating great greasy taste.

To have a delicious bowl of Thai sweet soup with eye-catching green color and great flavor requires the chef to be very meticulous and skillful in choosing ingredients and making process.

Thai sweet soup has long become an important part of street food in Vietnam that is indispensable in the summer. Many people love this because of its delicious durian flavor, and greasy taste of coconut milk.

Ba Ba Sweet Soup (Che Ba Ba)

ba ba sweet soup
Ba Ba Sweet Soup. @lititagram

Ba Ba sweet soup, also known as Che Thung, becomes one of the best sweet soup dishes in Vietnam, which is sold a lot in Saigon and all over the provinces of the Mekong Delta.

This sweet soup is an idyllic and popular dish, cooked from ingredients that are easy to find in the garden such as bananas, sweet potatoes, coconut milk, etc., creating its typical taste, hard to confuse with other types.

Those who have heard of this dish for the first time have the same question, do not understand why the dish has such a strange name? Some people believe that Ba ba sweet soup came from a woman named Ba who sold sweet soup in the Binh Tay market. However, Southerners explain that this delicious dish is called Ba ba because its delicious taste is rustic like the image of a girl in Mekong Delta wearing a Ba ba shirt and conical hat.

Although it has a popular name, the way of cooking this sweet soup is also very sophisticated and elaborate. In particular, the ingredients for making tea must be adequate, fresh, and balanced, making the dish both tasty and healthy.

Usually, this flavorful sweet soup is cooked from coconut milk, lotus seeds, green beans, peanuts, sweet potatoes, tapioca,… When eaten, the sweet and fatty taste of coconut milk blends into the taste of lotus seeds, potatoes, and beans… all create a very unique taste for Ba Ba sweet soup.

Not only is it a delicious snack, but Ba Ba sweet soup also has the effect of cooling and purifying the body thanks to the green bean ingredient. Besides, lotus seeds in this food also help to sleep well and increase health.

Therefore, Ba Ba sweet soup is a typical snack that is both delicious and nutritious. So, if you have the opportunity, you should try it once to feel more fully the typical taste of the dish.

Roasted Pork Sweet Soup (Che Bot Loc Heo Quay)

Roasted Pork Sweet Soup
Roasted Pork Sweet Soup. @xoilapsuon

It is said that when traveling to Hue, it is best to just drag each other to eat because Hue cuisine is great. Hue beef noodle soup, mussel rice, beo cake, nam cake, filter cake, turmeric vermicelli, banh chung, and countless kinds of Hue sweet soup… Hue food is diverse and tasty. But overcoming all culinary limitations, local food in Hue City still wants to challenge you with an extremely unique dish: roasted pork sweet soup.

Roasted pork sweet soup is actually the filter powder coated with roasted pork. The filter tapioca shell is thin and transparent, so you can immediately see the filling inside. The filling consists of roasted pork with wood ear and many spices to create an aroma and sweet and salty taste.

Particularly the portion of water eaten with roasted pork and filter tapioca is impressive by the light sweetness, fragrant aroma of tapioca mixed with the smell of a few small slices of ginger.

Not everyone is easily satisfied with this dish, because of the salty meat eaten with sweet and fragrant soup. But many people also are fascinated by the harmony between the sweet and salty taste, between the attractive aroma of roasted pork and wood ear with the gentle aroma of ginger.

Bite a piece of roasted pork sweet soup, through the tough and supple cover of filter tapioca, you will immediately come to the strange pork filling. It is interesting to drink sips of sweet and fragrant sweet soup.

In Hue, almost every sweet soup shop sells this. If you come to Hue for the first time, you can go to Ton Dich Sweet Soup at 65 Tran Hung Dao Street or Che Hem at the alley at 29 Hung Vuong street.

Banana Sweet Soup (Che Chuoi)

banana sweet soup
Banana Sweet Stoup. @bepbunsg

Perhaps, banana sweet soup is the simplest and easiest dish to cook that most Vietnamese people can cook, typically in the Mekong Delta. It is because the main ingredients to make this delicious dish includes ripe bananas, sugar, coconut milk, and a little filter tapioca. So, with banana sweet soup, you don’t need to have any skills or experience, just follow the right recipe to make a tasty one.

To make this banana sweet soup delicious, you have to choose well ripe bananas, so you can keep their natural sweetness. When cooking, you should cut bananas into bite-sized circles.

This snack dish used to only have bananas as the main ingredient. However, after that, people cleverly added sweet potatoes and squash to make this dish richer and more colorful. Whatever, when cooking, you can add various ingredients to make the dish more diverse, or you only cook bananas, this sweet soup is still very tasty and attractive.

Different from other sweet soup dishes, the banana sweet soup is not often eaten with ice because it will lose the sweetness of bananas and coconut milk. Instead, you can eat it hot when the tea is just cooked or wait for it to cool and solidify. Typically, when it is still hot, the sweet and fatty taste is more intense.

Sweet soup in Vietnam has a very unique sweetness, only those who are fond of sweet will like it. But once you like it, you will be addicted to it.

Hopefully with the six most popular Vietnamese sweet soup dishes will help you have more suggestions to enjoy the typical snacks in Vietnam to find the rustic flavor of each cup of cool and tasty sweet soup.

You can find a lot of shops selling sweet soup, but it is better to ask the locals to choose the good one. If you visit some local markets in Vietnam, it is also easy for you to find this type of dish in the food area.

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