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Visit the most beautiful fishing villages in Vietnam

The fishing villages in Vietnam have appeared many times in movies, photos, stories. Every time they appear, they have their own interesting look, so why not try coming to find out.

Cuu Van Fishing Village in Halong Bay is one of the top fishing villages in Vietnam.| @katszimke

1. Cua Van fishing village, Ha Long

In the list of the most beautiful coastal destinations in the world, Cua Van fishing village stands at the top 10, and is the only representative of Asia in the top. This village floating on the waves is now one of the well-known tourist attractions in Ha Long bay.

Coming to Cua Van fishing village, you will easily be fascinated by the simple beauty of boats and bamboo boats and immerse yourself in a strangely peaceful space.

When night falls, you can sail around the village, go fishing with fishermen to pull the net to fish for squid and enjoy the salty taste of the sea.

The wilderness and tranquility of the landscape are also enough to attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting the fishing villages.

2. Cai Beo fishing village, Hai Phong

From a distance, Cai Beo Bay appears beautifully with green water, undulating rocky mountains mixed with the clear blue sky.

The poetic beauty of nature and bustling life in the fishing village has created an attractive charm for visitors.

With the gentle scenery and clear blue water, calm and always windy, visitors will have wonderful moments of relaxation and comfort.

Coming to Cai Beo fishing village, you can rent a boat, row around to learn more about the life of the locals in this area.

Also, you can comfortably watch the poetic scenery of the bay and enjoy the specialties that have been caught or raised in floating cages by the fishermen.

 3. Lang Co fishing village, Hue

 Lang Co is the name of a romantic fishing village located at the foot of Hai Van Pass, belonging to Bach Ma mountain range, stretching to the East Sea.

In 2009, Lang Co was recognized by the Gulf Club (Worldbays) as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Seen from above, the fishing village looks like a silk ribbon between the two passes Phu Gia and Hai Van. The very lush trees, blue water, especially the clouds covering the top of the mountain, create a magical and charming look.

Visiting Lang Co, you not only immerse in the poetic landscape but also enjoy a variety of rare seafood such as green mussels, cockles, eel …

 4. Thanh Nam fishing village, Hoi An

Thanh Nam is a small site but owns a very beautiful fishing village located on Cua Dai Beach belonging to Hoi An City. The village is particularly attractive to photographers and solo walkers.

The fishing village is located along the road leading to the water coconut farm, lear water, giving visitors a pleasant and refreshing feeling. Although this place is poor, the people are very gentle, rich in love and hospitality.

5. Bich Dam fishing village, Nha Trang

 As the largest island commune of Nha Trang City, located in the cluster of Hon Tre island, Bich Dam fishing village is a peaceful place in the turquoise water year-round. It is because tourism has not been exploited much, the beauty here is very wild and natural.

Walking on the cliffs, wandering along with the gentle waves, admiring the clear blue water in front of you, you will see that the scenery here is still wild and peaceful.

The scenery and people of this small island are peaceful and simple. You can walk around, explore the fishermen’s life by yourself. If you are lucky, you also have the opportunity to experience the boat ride, fishing with fishermen by using the net method that traditional marine profession of Khanh Hoa province.

6. Ham Ninh fishing village, Phu Quoc

 If you are a lover of Phu Quoc pearl island, you probably already know the name of Ham Ninh fishing village.

This is one of the few fishing villages in Phu Quoc that has a gentle blend between the mossy green of the mountain Ham Ninh and the blue color of the sea.

In addition to the outstanding scenery, Ham Ninh fishing village is also known as a culinary paradise in Phu Quoc. Here, you can enjoy a variety of seafood at the lowest prices.

So, please set up a few days to experience the most romantic fishing villages in Vietnam. And save beautiful pictures.